Ai Weiwei

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Ai Weiwei is a Chinese conceptual artist and a social activist. His work encompasses diverse fields including fine arts, curating, architecture and social criticism. Born in Beijing in 1957 as son of the famous poet and activist Ai Quing. The … Continued

Dorothy Iannone

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Dorothy Iannone, born 1933 in Boston, Massachusetts, is a storyteller and self-taught artist based n Berlin. She has been making vibrantly subversive work for over five decades.  She is known for her colorful, whimsical depictions of emotionally and themes of … Continued

Alexis Akrithakis

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Alexis Akrithakis (Αλέξης Ακριθάκης) was a Greek painter, born in Athens in 1939. He met in 1956 the idiosyncratic philosopher George Makris who acknowlegdes his talent and encourages him to become a painter. He left Athens and moved 1958 to … Continued