HEINZ ZOLPER – Lady as Symbol (show your respect and love!)

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Lady as Symbol

The “lady as a symbol” is not just a work of art and jewelry,
but also enables its wearer to take a stand for mutual respect,
for the need for emancipation and gender justice, for social
commitment and an indefatigable commitment to human rights
- all of them fragile values that need to be strengthened.
The most beautiful way to show your respect and your love!

Jewelry pin
Enamelled iron
Height c. 5 cm
Signed by the artist, verso
Year: 2020
Limited Edition,
each handmade
Project price only: 50 EUR I 60 USD

Note: Revenues will be used only to support the international
social-cultural project: Versöhnung der Werte I Reconciliation of Values