A.P. Astra

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A.P. AstraArt Production Astra, in short A.P. Astra, is an alias of an European artist (1949) and his fellows. They take care on everyday themes, lead discourses and translate them in a contemporary and popular way.

Despite the range of variants and individualisms,  The idea behind is, that originality doesn’t exist by itself, but as an evolution of what is produced and the capacity to add. The name A.P.Astra was created early in the 1980ties as an akronym for Anonymous Street Artists. At that time, an atmosphere existed in which on one hand popular art found its greatest echo on the street (see also Keith Haring, Rammellzee etc).  On the other hand artists were willing to subordinate the art market for an one-sided marketing profile. In this situation, Astra offered an outlet for some artists to popularize current topics.

Works by A.P. Astra were basically seen just as personal confrontation within the process of ‘general creation’. They  found entrance into collections of artists, foundations, corporate and private collections worldwide, including Artforum Collection, Orth collection, Kryska Collection, C+C, collection Baron v. Maydel, Abraham MCA, Alexander Iolas collection, Cook collection, Artinvestone, PAC Austria. Works by A.P. Astra are much more in demand than in the market for years. The result is a sustained good price development.