GULF # 1 – European-Middle East Correspondence

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GULF # 1

European-Middle East Correspondence
A.P. Astra, Michael Jansen, Mahmood Mirzaie,
Eva Ohlow, Heinz Zolper,
Collection of 8 pigment prints
on cardboard
Different sizes
Handmade green box
Box: c. 50 x 40 cm
Portfolio-box with certification
Editor: ArtForum Editions
Edition: 250 + 6 AP
Year: 2009/11
Box-price: 3.500 EUR (sold out)
Price single prints: from 900 EUR on request
GULF # 1 accompanied the international art & culture project “GULF PROJECTS©.From Dark to Light”. The project was supported by
Winter Foundation. Hamburg, Artforum Culture Foundation and Goethe Institute.
Gulf Projects, started in 2009, is the first artists project with focus on the Arab world and Europe.
Just in view of the current revolutionary movements in the Arab area it is confirmed how necessary this dialogue is for interior and
external relationships. Revenue from the sale will be used solely to further promote this project.