Giorgios Stathiopoulos

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Giorgios StathiopoulosGiorgios Stathiopoulos is a painter and sculptor, born 1944 in Kallithea Agrinio, Greece. He studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts, Athens (1966-1971) , taught by Giannis Moralis, N. Nicolaou and G. Papa. In painting he accepted fruitful influences from ancient Greek aesthetics and contemporary athmosphere that allowed him to develop a personal style. He is working with pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, pastel, oil colors and acrylic. His themes are natural landscapes or fantastic representations of animals and birds, but mainly connected with dominated naked human figures. Most of his allegorical compositions transfer the air of sensuality arising from the moving attitude of the female body. In his work coexists warm curve of the human body with the hard lines of virtual building shapes resulting from the coupling and coexistence forms expressing the Greek cultural evolution. He prefers very specific perspectives and soft colors, which seem to invite the viewer to follow the motives at the moment of the artists cursory observation.

He has shown his work since 1970 in many solo- and group exhibition in Greece and abroad. His works are in the National Gallery, Museum Vorres, in European and American collections.