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A Journey Through Emotional Painting: The Artistry of Corinna Zieleke

Corinna Zieleke, born in the Lüneburg Heath, living in Cologne since 1967, is a visual artist and works as a psychotherapist and supervisor.

Early Development and Artistic Education

Corinna Zieleke's artistic journey began as a self-taught artist, honing her skills and developing her unique style over the years. In 2003, she embarked on formal artistic studies at the Bad Reichenhall Art Academy and later at the Vienna Art Factory. Under the guidance of renowned painters such as Gerhard Almbauer and Robert Zielasco, Zieleke learned the essential techniques and tools to bring her artistic visions to life. She also drew inspiration from notable figures like Jerry Zeniuk, Katharina Sieverding, and Leiko Ikemura.

Embracing Emotional Painting

Zieleke's distinctive style, which she terms Emotional Painting, captures the essence of her inner world through acrylic and oil paintings. While her work often reflects psychological interpretations of nature, it also embodies an autobiographically feminine perspective imbued with a sense of enchantment. Her paintings transcend mere representation, offering viewers a glimpse into a realm of emotions and memories.

The Diaphanous and Lyrical Aesthetic

Central to Zieleke's artistry is her diaphanous and lyrical style, characterized by ethereal color palettes and subtle textures. While her paintings are primarily abstract, they often evoke landscapes and celestial vistas. Drawing inspiration from her experiences in nature, particularly in locations like Fuerteventura, Sylt, and Monet's gardens, Zieleke creates imagery that captures the nuanced beauty of the world around her.

Technique and Process

Zieleke's artistic process involves layering paint with powerful gestures, resulting in autonomous heaps of color that coalesce into intricate compositions. Her works evolve organically, incorporating various materials to achieve depth and dimensionality. Echoes of Otto Piene's smoke pictures and Wolfgang Tillmans' "Freischwimmer" series resonate within Zieleke's art, demonstrating her engagement with contemporary visual language.

Constantly in search of inspiration.

Zieleke's artistic endeavors take her across various regions, including Cologne, southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Her work has garnered recognition and acclaim, earning her a place in numerous public and private collections. Through her evocative paintings, Zieleke invites audiences to embark on a journey of introspection and emotional exploration.

The artist is working alternately in Cologne, southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She is represented in numerous public and private collections.

Palm Art Awards 2020

Exhibitions (selection):
2022 The female view of the world, art salon Kunststücke by Dettmer, open studio in Cologne; Art Association Frechen, group exhibition, ArtSpace K49 Cologne.

Emotional Paintings (Die Leichtigkeit des Seins), Corinna Zieleke. Ed. Peter Merten, ArtForum Studio Editions 2022
Die weibliche Sicht auf die Welt (The female perspective on the world), ArtForum Editions 2022
Corinna Zieleke, Monograph (in preparation for 2024), ArtForum Edictions


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