Benefits of private art sales

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Every item purchased from Global Galleries carries a money-back limited guarantee of authorship. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, including the complete description for each work. The description can differ from the web offer to guarantee some secrets just for the purchaser.

We provide the most extensive information on the specifics of all presented art works.  The final information will  including (if available): title, date, medium, image size, edition and any relevant historical or provenance information.

Our research library includes thousands of rare and out-of-print references. We affix our seal stamp on the certificate of authenticity for best assurance.


All offers by Global Galleries© are with full guarantees by ArtForum Editions©, ArtForum Culture Foundation© or by the seller for the content of description we get.

Exceptionally generous is also the offer, to take back in any case graphics by ArtForum Editions© in mint condition with a full credit note. Global Galleries© is proud to give you the best and safest offer you will find in the world of art.  On all graphics by ArtForum Editions©  a fixed premium of 5% per annum is guaranteed on top in case of return. Such a total credit-amount can be charged with the next orders from the current ArtForum Editions© program up to 50%. This warranty is valid for 7 years from purchase date on. Shipping charging has to be paid separately.


In case the artwork is accompanied with an appraisal, this solely represents the opinion of the underwriter for the replacement value of the work. In making this determination, we rely on many factors including the condition of the artwork, gallery prices of reputable art galleries, and other reliable price data and lists.