Art From private collections

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Modern and contemporary art

The offer of Global Galleries© includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and rare photo works from international private collections. All artworks are in mint condition or according to the best condition available. Global Galleries© offers an unique art program - art without borders - that takes into account aesthetic, art historical and financial aspects. Blue chips and emerging artist are part of our program. Some artists as well want to remain anonymous and work under a pseudonym. This also includes renowned artists who use this freedom for a parallel work. Just focus on quality can bring you great opportunities.

ArtForum Editions

ArtForum Editions was created by Artforum culture Foundation to give artists a new possibility to show their kind of art. It is completely independent from the market, but of course it is a necessary addition. ArtForum Editions is a unique opportunity for artists to contact collectors directly. We would like to point out that possible returns will be reinvested in art projects.

Classic masters

Starting from ancient art over to medieval, renaissance, baroque and 19th century art and up to highlights of modern art you will find really treasures, very are presented on the art market. The range of Artis of course very wide, but it will have something special in common: quality.
This is the space for connoisseurs of Egypt art, Greek and Roman antiquities, art and objects from medieval time, the universe of renaissance and baroque paintings, drawings and sculptures, 19th century bourgeoise art, divine impressionism, German and European expressionism, classic modern art from the early spring of modernism up to the masters of avant-garde.


Since Dürer and Rembrandt graphic art has made great contribution to art history. As well Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró became famous for that. And Andy Warhol's triumph is unimaginable without his concept of graphic arts. Graphics is the appropriate means to spread new art in the sense of its creator. This makes graphics an ideal social medium, reflecting the zeitgeist. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, as well as Gerhard Richter, Hundertwasser, A.P. Astra, Michael Jansen, Heinz Zolper, Jürgen Kuhl put their artistic fingers firmly on the pulse of time - and thus creates relevant contemporary art.


Of course, photographs are graphics as well. But a great photograph occupies its own space, makes its own rules.

Have you ever stood in wonder in front of a Helmut Newton scene?  Have you ever felt the connection with avant-garde which is transmitted by artists portraits of Heinz-Günter Mebusch? Look at the social charged conceptualism of Vera Isler or the Beauty of John Moore photography. We are also proud to present music and art-photographer legend George DuBose.
Photography is as vibrant as it has ever been - more so in response to the digital world. Mistakenly some people may think everyone can be a great photographer. But it isn’t. The use of digital cameras maybe has made it technically more easy for people to take – and disseminate – photographs, that’s all. But a great photographer can make a great photograph whatever the camera. A bad one will still make a bad photograph even with the most expensive camera. We have to understand, photography it’s about a very close way of seeing to hold an iconic moment, it’s not the technology. So, enjoy our selection of great photography.


Artists and art projects, presented as a curated graphic or a photographic collection in a portfolio box. Each Portfolio-Box is individually handmade. Enjoy your personal portfolio.

Interior art

To live with art means sometimes also to give works of art a practical benefit. This makes art no less important, but rather becomes part of our everyday life. Applied art can be the particular architecture or the space or garden designed by an artist. If you have any specific requirements, we will be pleased to help you.

In our online offer you will find currently hand-made porcelain, artist furniture, textiles, wallpaper and rugs by many illustrious artists like Julian Schnabel, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Maurizio Cattelan, Cindy Sherman or Ai Weiwei.


In cases where collectors offer interesting collectibles, they have a chance to be featured in the VARIA section. The condition is that such objects are related to the general art program and / or are of outstanding importance. Examples include artist books, artist clocks, artist-designed record covers, designer jewelery or other objects of historical significance.