Antoine Verglas

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Antoine VerglasAntoine Verglas was born 1962 in Paris.  Verglas is a fshion photographer for huge celebrities and  models. He began his career on the other side of the camera, working as the host on a popular French television show after graduating from France’s prestigious E.S.C. school of Business. and, on occasion, worked as a model for TV commercials. He got his start hosting a TV show Cinq sur Cinq [Five on Five] for teenagers, presenting video clips, movie trailers and interviewing celebrities, including Sharon Stone among many others. Antoine started taking photographs of his college girlfriend, Ford model Catherine Ahnell and in 1990 moved to New York to become a photographer. Verglas then had the idea that would be his entree to the fast paced world of fashion photography. Shooting Stephanie Seymore, Linda Evangelista, Naomi, Claudia Shiffer, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford at home in very personal portraits just as they were reaching celebrity status was his big break. This intimate style of capturing the person behind the camera has led to the rapid pace of work Verglas.

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