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Anne portrait. Global Galleries

Anne Ruffert lives and works as an artist in Cologne, Germany. In addition to her job as an economics teacher, she has created a veritable artistic work as an autodidact in the crossover of painting, creative sculpture and photography. For a few years she had shown art, following a democratic-educational concept, also in street projects.  Anne Ruffert is represented with her works at German and international exhibitions.

Feeling the earth - nature and environment

The artist deals intensively with the values ​​of the moment, the passing and the memory in nature. She uses organic material (e.g. coffee, sand, earth, grass), mostly in combination with acrylic painting. But also the using marble flour, concrete powder or corrugated cardboard canvas or paper, lead to surprising abstract and figurative forms.
For Anne Ruffert, natural and building materials are very close to receive artistic contemplation and to express her understanding and processing perception of the world. The natural tones mostly used by the artist in painting illustrate the concerns of a sustainable environment that is worth preserving.

In addition to painting and relief techniques, Anne Ruffert also works with found wooden objects. Additionally she also works as a photographer and creates touching light images with special colours and contrasts from her range of topics .